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Brite LED units

The unique feature of the Brite-LED unit is the ability to design a custom lighting solution for any size application. BFF's LED lighting design is the product of years of research and refinement. Our Brite-LED configuration provides a bright, even illumination of 7,250 lumen per square yard of image area. This is our premium LED lighting solution, ideal for attracting attention in retail windows and trade show applications.


Article number: BL200
LED Color Temp: 5000-7000k
Power: 24V
Warranty: 2 Years
6000 lumen per m2: BL200 Brite 2 LED Unit 1.44W 24V 5"
BL300 Brite 3 LED Unit 2.88W 24V 8.25"
BL400 Brite 4 LED Unit 2.88W 24V 11.5"
BL500 Brite 5 LED Unit 4.32W 24V 14.5"
BL600 Brite 6 LED Unit 4.32W 24V 17.75"
BL700 Brite 12 LED Unit 8.6W 24V 36.6"
Brite Frame Fabricators

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