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Lightbox 60 Single

This single sided profile is only 2.4" inches deep creating an elegant, modern look. This Lightbox frame illuminates your textile from behind using our Brite-LED strips on a Dibond back. Our lighting design is balanced to create an even illumination across the entire surface. This profile is most often used wall mounted in retail store displays. Lights can be controlled with an optional remote dimmer unit.


Application: Wall Mount
Depth: 2.4" (60mm)
Length: Up to 20ft.
Option: LED on dibond

The different colors of the Lightbox 60 Single


Available in all colors

This LED strip illuminates the textile print from the rear.
The dibond connector, connects the dibond plates together.
A LED driver is a power supply for LED strips.


Download the product sheet and install sheet.

Optional: Dimmer

Remotely control the light intensity for the environment or specific graphic being displayed

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